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You can find 849 products in our webshop.
We offer 183 kinds indoor mouldins, 81 rosettes, 37 ceiling tiles and 106 kinds outdoor decoration products.

Some of Our Products

Thermonia 13
Thermonia 13
8,490 Ft / bucket
Weight: 16.50 kilogram

Házékítő K01
Házékítő K01
530 Ft / piece
Size: 16,7x11 centimeter
Weight: 0.01 kilogram

Nouvelles Images HS 336
Nouvelles Images HS 336
6,990 Ft / package
Size: 49x69 centimeter
Weight: 0.49 kilogram


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About Us

Our company evolved from a private enterprise established in May 2002 into Borsod Dekor Belsőépítészeti Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Betéti Társaság. At the beginning we dealt with wholesale trade of polystyrene decorative elements (mainly with the products of the Italian Bovelacci company), and as a result of this we deliver approximately to 50 more serious paint shops of B.A.Z and Heves Counties.

As the next step we opened our Decorative Elements Specialist Shop in Miskolc in April 2003, since our city cannot take pride in having such shop which deals only with the professional marketing of polystyrene decorative elements in such extent.

We welcome our dear customers in 250 square meters, in an environment formed at a high level, helping their decision with our catalogues, sample walls, reference photos, in which we try to show as much from our products as possible.

Since the starting of operation of our shop we established partner relationship with the biggest manufacturers, distributors and the basis of our slogan, the wide choice can be attributed to this:

more than 200 types of mouldings (for interior plain and patterned corner and side wall),
rosettes approximately 90 types,
frontal decorative profiles in stock 50 types of untreated and coated execution,
ceiling tiles,
pillars and pillar tilers,
torsos, consoles, wall boxes,
balusters, fence elements,
other decorative elements.

Furthermore we also trade with polystyrene heat-insulating system, and frontal and basement plaster-work with synthetic resin.

Éva Czinke
Tamás Kavecsánszki